Potentials of and Barriers to Energy-efficient Refurbishment

Target-Group-Oriented Approach in Policy and Consulting

The main objective of the project ENEF-Haus is to increase the rate of energy-efficient refurbishment of single-family and semidetached houses. For this an integrated policy and consulting approach will be developed which matches the needs and the specific situations of different target groups.

The approach includes the specific economic and social situation of private home owners, their knowledge base, their social networks, their lifestyles, their attitudes towards energy, environment, and technology as well as the specific technical conditions of their homes.

On this basis we are developing recommendations for the designing of policy instruments and elaborate communication and consulting strategies which meet the needs of different target groups.

The findings of the project are particularly useful for following application areas:

The Results: Activating and Improving Competences of Home Owners

The main deliverables of the project will be:

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